Sleep and Migraines

I find that managing my sleep schedule is a good way to help manage my migraines. It doesn’t obviously get rid of them, but I find that I feel more generally well and have fewer migraines and for less time when I have good sleep hygiene. First thing I would recommend is to avoid sleeping … [Read more…]

My First Migraine

I’ve never had a migraine in my life up until about Summer 2004. I have had headaches occasionally but nothing would prepare me for what I was about to wake up to. I wake up on a very bright and sunny Summer’s day with a throbbing, pulsating feeling in my head. I don’t remember all … [Read more…]

About Me

Hi, I’m Chelsey. I’m a 35 year old Canadian girl who has had migraines for the last 16 years. I decided to start this blog to share my thoughts and experiences with living with chronic pain. I’d like to share my version of “normal” with others. I don’t just want to talk about migraines though, … [Read more…]