Best Tea for Migraines

Migraines can really suck, and I mean REALLY suck, especially those that are stubborn and don’t budge with migraine treatments. We can experience all types of headaches. You have the mild to moderate pain caused by tension headaches, that hurt on both sides of your head. Migraine headaches cause pain, anywhere from mild to severe, … [Read more…]

My Migraine Rituals

Stitches Vectors by Vecteezy

Hi guys! I thought for this blog post I’d talk about what I personally do to take care of myself when I have a migraine. What I do can vary, depending on the severity of the migraine, of course, but I do have some migraine rituals that help me cope with the pain a little … [Read more…]

Caffeine and Migraines

Today I wanted to talk about the relationship between caffeine and migraines. In an earlier post, I told you the story of my first migraine. In that story, I mentioned that I ended up easing the pain of the migraine, unknowingly, by consuming a large cup of coffee. First of all, I love coffee, and … [Read more…]


Meditation is one of those things that people have always told me to try but I had never got around to doing. I’ve heard so many good things about it; all the benefits like stress reduction, increased attention span, and even the reduction of migraines. Somehow I just didn’t believe it would help me much. … [Read more…]

Topamax and Me

I started seeing a new family doctor not that long ago, and he’s been hesitant to put me on any kind of migraine medication because of the interactions that would be caused between these medications while taken with the ones I am already on. Most other migraine medication can cause weight gain, according to my … [Read more…]

Sleep and Migraines

I find that managing my sleep schedule is a good way to help manage my migraines. It doesn’t obviously get rid of them, but I find that I feel more generally well and have fewer migraines and for less time when I have good sleep hygiene. First thing I would recommend is to avoid sleeping … [Read more…]

My First Migraine

I’ve never had a migraine in my life up until about Summer 2004. I have had headaches occasionally but nothing would prepare me for what I was about to wake up to. I wake up on a very bright and sunny Summer’s day with a throbbing, pulsating feeling in my head. I don’t remember all … [Read more…]

About Me

Hi, I’m Chelsey. I’m a 35 year old Canadian girl who has had migraines for the last 16 years. I decided to start this blog to share my thoughts and experiences with living with chronic pain. I’d like to share my version of “normal” with others. I don’t just want to talk about migraines though, … [Read more…]