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Hi, I’m Chelsey. I’m a 35 year old Canadian girl who has had migraines for the last 16 years. I decided to start this blog to share my thoughts and experiences with living with chronic pain. I’d like to share my version of “normal” with others. I don’t just want to talk about migraines though, I want to talk about whatever I find interesting or whatever I’m into at the time. I want to share my thoughts and feelings with you all. I just want this to be a relaxed “no rules” blog where I don’t have to just focus on how bad migraines are, because we all need to see pictures of my cat once in a while too (and yes, you will see her). This blog isn’t going to be me feeling sorry for myself or or how much pain I’m in. I’m over that. Yes, I do feel really, REALLY crappy sometimes. I don’t need a pity party though. I need people to understand, listen, learn, and smile (when possible). I try to keep positive and even have a sense of humour about my illness at times. But I also need people to understand that it’s 100% okay to NOT be okay. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for not being strong enough to fake it. If you need to spend all day in bed, do it. Take care of you. I hope you find what I have to share interesting and that you get something out of this as much as I do. Thanks for coming by and I look forward to having you come visit my blog again!

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