Sleep and Migraines

I find that managing my sleep schedule is a good way to help manage my migraines. It doesn’t obviously get rid of them, but I find that I feel more generally well and have fewer migraines and for less time when I have good sleep hygiene. First thing I would recommend is to avoid sleeping too much or too little. I do sleep too much if I have a migraine and I think that’s okay, because with sleep comes relief. But on well days, too much sleep can be a trigger, which should be avoided. The same with too little sleep. Remember, these are all suggestions as I am not a doctor. The second thing that I would suggest is to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day, so that your circadian cycle isn’t all messed up. Figure out how many hours you need in bed. Average adults need 8 hours of sleep, but according to my Fitbit, I am awake for 2 hours during the night because I’m a light sleeper. So maybe I will plan to be in bed for 10 hours so that 8 of those hours can be restful hours (also, Fitbits are great!). For those of you that don’t work the night shift, try to get some natural sunlight during the day. If you’re not well, you could try opening the window and let the sun in (with an eye mask on lol) for 15 mins or so. Sunlight provides your brain with cues that help with the timing of your body clock. As for your sleep, try to keep the room dark, quiet and comfortable. Try not to exercise too close to bed and, of course, avoid caffeine and alcohol too close to bed. I have also heard that it’s not good to do things in your bed while you are awake, such as watching TV, reading, playing games, etc. These suggestions can help you maintain healthy sleep habits which have helped some people manage their migraines better. If there is anything you feel should be added, please feel free to contact me with your suggestions in the comments. I would love to hear from you!

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